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Hey, I'm Dr. Teralyn.  Have you suffered long enough? It's time to kick anxiety to the curb so you can live a badass life!  

How Can You Kick Anxiety Starting Right Now?

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"The best advice I ever got was to not claim my anxiety as my own. 

Once I quit that, things really started to change"  Ally 

"It's about time someone figured it out.  I had terrible anxiety before and I'm not having it anymore!"  Kate

"Dr. Teralyn totally gets it!  She pushes me to think and to act.  I love her!"  Chris

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Hey Ladies! Let's Do This!

Kick Off Your Damn Heels!

It's time to get down and dirty here!  You've struggled with anxiety for too long! You've been given crappy advice and been given squishy ideas that don't actually work.  It's time for something new!   

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You've probably been on medications, maybe many different medications.  I am  NOT a believer in just throwing a prescription at the problem. Instead let's check out holistic approaches to overall wellness, which results in lasting change, a healthier state of being, and a happier and more empowered you.   Ready to hear thought leaders in the field of natural, holistic health and mental toughness and grit? 

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Kick Anxiety To the Curb and Live A Badass Life!

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