Welcome to the Damn Revolution!


'Cause It's More Than Just A Podcast, It's a Damn Revolution


Raise Your Hand If You Think a Podcast Should Be Way More Than Just Guest Interviews for Entertainment.  Yup, I Think So Too!  

If you've had it with crappy advice and squishy ideas then the time has come for you to join the damn revolution!  Mental health isn't about rolling over and taking medications.  It's about empowerment and learning how to correct the imbalances of your body and of your life.  

This Podcast Is Packed Full of New Ideas and Solid Information About How To Beat Mental Health, Naturally.  You Heard Me, This Isn't Your Standard Squishy Therapist Stuff.  This Is The Real Deal.  Sometimes I will interview some of the brightest thought leaders in mental health and other times you can just sit back and listen to me gab about brain health or other topics that you have requested.   

You Asked For It, And Now It's Here!  So Let's Get Ready To Get The Party Started!

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